Qualification documents for the project of completion of Temelin NPP, 3&4, are submitted to the Czech Customer CEZ

The Czech-Russian Consortium Skoda JS a.s., Atomstroyexport JSC and EDO GIDROPRESS OJSC submitted to CEZ qualification documents for the project of completion of Temelin NPP Units 3 and 4.

The Consortium offers a European NPP project – MIR-1200 (Modernized International Reactor). MIR-1200 is simultaneously an NPP project and a cooperation model. The MIR-1200 project is based on a large-scale and long-term partnership of the Czech, European and world companies – leaders of their technological segments. The process solutions of the project stipulate localization in Czechia of up to 70% of the supply of the equipment, works and services. The MIR-1200 project will rely on more than half a century long experience of the Czech-Russian cooperation and it will ensure a contribution to further development of industrial and human resources of the Czech nuclear industry. Even at this stage of qualification selection the Czech-Russian Consortium has enlisted more than 20 major Czech suppliers of equipment and services.

The MIR-1200 project conforms to the Customer’s requirements; it possesses process, main equipment and fuel referentiality. The MIR project is based on the experience of operation of NPP with WWER reactors with the scope exceeding 1290 reactor-years. Nuclear power plants built in Czechia, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary and other European countries on the basis of the Russian technologies of light-water reactors of the WWER type have ones of the best in Europe and the whole world parameters of reliability and efficiency.

Environmental factors were of paramount importance during the development of the MIR-1200 project. Under the conditions of necessity to reduce discharge of greenhouse gases the MIR project is able to contribute to the assurance of energy preparedness, power and environmental stability of the world industry.

As of today nuclear power engineering is the only technologically and economically competitive source of getting «pure» electric power on an industrial scale. The realization of the MIR project at Temelin NPP is to enable to ensure competitive power supply for the economic and industrial development of the Czech Republic. MIR-1200 is a highly efficient and environmentally safe project, which is to serve the current and coming generations.

MIR-1200 conforms to international norms and IAEA recommendations; it is noted by superior safety parameters and engineering and economic indices. Four similar NPP power units on the sites of Leningradskaya NPP-2 and Novovoronezh NPP-2 (two power units) are already being constructed in Russia. Currently the MIR-1200 project is offered for realization in Finland (one unit) and Turkey (four units), as well as on the site of Baltiyskaya NPP in the Kaliningrad District of the RF (two units).

Maximum of localization in Czechia and referential engineering solutions of the MIR-1200 project enable the Czech-Russian Consortium to manage the cost of the created NPP efficiently.

To achieve a greater effect of power independence of the Czech Republic within the framework of the proposal of the Czech-Russian Consortium the Russian party represented by the Rosatom State Corporation stipulates an opportunity of constructing a plant for fuel fabrication on the territory of the Czech Republic. It is planned that the plant will ensure fuel supply for NPPs in Czechia, Slovakia and other European countries.

Thus, uniting enterprises and technologies of many countries, MIR-1200 is able to contribute to a harmonized development of the global safe world.

SOURCE: Atomstroyexport