Proceedings of the conference

Altshuller A.M. Gurin V.V. Yershov G.A. Tshaban O.G. Onufrienko C.V. Nikolaev F.V.

The justification of the frequency of scheduled inspections of the NPP safety systems to reduce the cost of operation NPP

The report describes the main contents of methods justification of the periodicity of checks of safety systems (SS) nuclear power plant (NPP), in the power generating regimes.

The report studies the methodical approach, which should be developed and used in the design process of NPP, for the development of operational documentation, to ensure compliance with the requirements for the safety systems in part the ability to implement safety features that can be achieved with a nuclear power plant.

In report present the aims and objectives of the periodic checks of safety systems (SS), features of the SS equipment, security systems, classification of SS elements depending on the mode of control and recovery.

The report also describes the mathematical models of reliability of elements with different types of failures, implemented in software tools BARS and RiskSpectrum. The recommendations are given for the choice of periodicity Safety Systems checks using software tools BARS.

Examples of performing calculations in support of the periodicity of security checks listed below:

- calculations, without taking into account the common failure mode;

- calculations, with taking into account the common failure mode;

- calculations, with and without human error;

- calculations, taking into account the presence of the time-independed "start-up" failures;

- calculations for "typical" scheme of safety system;

- calculations for high pressure emergency core-cooling system;

The report is describes the criteria's for determining the optimal frequency of safety systems checks and the procedure for determining the optimal frequency of inspections

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