Proceedings of the conference

Volkov V.Yu. Golibrodo L.A. Krutikov A.A. Kudryavtsev O.V. Nadinsky Yu.N. Skibin A.P.

Verification of reactor CFD model by the results of quick boron injection system test

A modeling methodology for heat and mass transfer processes in the primary circuit of VVER RP using CFD technology is developed in OKB “GIDROPRESS”. The processes of mixing of coolant flows with different temperature and/or concentration of liquid absorber in flow paths of reactor, steam generator and RCP set are considered within the frame of the given task. The results of tests performed at RP and experimental test facilities are used for verification.

A full-scale CFD model of the reactor flow path, intended for determination of non-uniform distribution of coolant flow rates and parameters at the core inlet with asymmetrical operation of circulation loops, is presented in this work. Results of test of quick boron injection system (QBIS), performed within the frame of commissioning work, are used for verification of the developed model. The tests were performed using the temperature method with different number of actuating QBIS tanks and operating RCP sets. By the results of tests the presence of temperature non-uniformity at the core inlet should be noted.

The given work presents the results of numerical modeling of QBIS tests under RP operation with four RCP sets and two adjacent RCP sets. The initial data, accepted for the calculation, meet the test conditions. A comparison of the obtained calculation results with the results of tests showed a good qualitative and quantitative agreement of temperature distribution at the core inlet.

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