Proceedings of the conference

Volkov V.Yu. Golibrodo L.A. Krutikov A.A. Kudryavtsev O.V. Skibin A.P. Oleksyuk D.A. Kobzar L.

CFD modeling of the 37 rod bundle experiment

A research of thermal-hydraulic characteristics of fuel assemblies (FA) was performed related to enhancement of thermal power of operating VVER nuclear power plants. These studies are very relevant for TVS-2M FA with regular spacer grids.

In current report a CFD simulation of a conjugate heat transfer of the 37 rod bundle experimental facility “KS” by National Research Center “Kurchatov institute” is presented. A basic spacer grids of the TVS-2M fuel assembly for VVER NPP were studied.

The computational domain consists of 37 rod imitators and 16 spacer grids. Fluid region includes inflow and outflow parts of the experimental facility section. The mesh is based on polyhedral control volumes with extrusion. A contact between pins and spacer grids was considered during the simulations. The overall mesh size of the computational domain is about 232,5 mln. cells. The two-equation turbulent models based on Reynolds averaging were used.

A temperature distribution at the outlet of the heated part was obtained. CFD results in the points correspond to thermocouples positions were obtained during post-processing. Also at the outlet section fluid temperature field was integrated by plane sections according with subchannel code model.

A CFD modeling of the 37 rod bundle experimental facility “KS” is carried out. CFD results were compared against the experimental data. A cross-validation between of CFD and subchannel code SC-INT results was done.

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