Proceedings of the conference

Lityshev A.V. Pantyushin S.I. Aulova O.V. Gasparov D.L Bukin N.V. Bykov M.A.

Development and computational substantiation of strategy for NVAES-2 SAMG using CC SOCRAT

Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG) should be developed according to provisions of the regulatory documents on safety of nuclear power plants (NP-001-15). From the other hand the necessity of SAMG development for NPP with VVER RP is determined by technical prerequisites and implementing in the RP project the systems and equipment, which provide efficient development and implementation of SAMG.

SAMG determines actions of in-plant personnel to mitigate the consequences of severe accidents, to protect personnel and population. Those personnel actions are intended to prevent the overirradiation of the personnel and population with doses exceeding the limits, determined in the RP project.

The computational analyses of variant calculation of determining modes are performed with simulation of operator actions and analysis of responsivity in order to substantiate the following guidelines of the SAMG Diagnostic block diagram at NV NPP-2, Unit 1:

- guideline SAG-1 «Water supplying into the steam generators»;

- guideline SAG-2 «Pressure decreasing in the primary circuit»;

- guideline SAG-3 «Water supplying into the primary circuit».

Results of computational analysis for severe accidents "SB LOCA (Dnom 65) with failure of all active ECCS and HA-2 stage (ASCPF) and additional failure of SG feed water system" and "Break of four steam lines in the non-isolated part" confirm the validity and efficacy of considered guidelines (SAG 1 - 3).

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