Proceedings of the conference

Makhin V.M. Churkin A.N.

Conceptual provisions for water-cooled reactor with supercritical parameters (review of foreign and Russian SCWR developments)

Conceptual designs for water-cooled reactors with supercritical parameters (SCWR) considered in the review have been provided or are in development at present in different countries (Russia, the USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, China, etc.). Concepts of vessel and channel reactors HPLWR and Canadian SCWR which development has been completed within the last five years are considered in more details. Simplification of power unit and equipment scheme is provided by transfer to a single-loop coolant circulation resulting in lowering of capital and operating costs. Lowering of capital costs for construction of power units with reactor electric power 1000-1200 MW is evaluated as 20-40 % if specified approach is used and coolant temperature at the reactor outlet is 500-625 оС. Reactors with thermal and fast, both mixed spectrum of neutrons in the core with different schemes of coolant circulation have been considered.

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