Proceedings of the conference

Bazulin A.E. Kokolev S.A. Tihonov D.S.

Certification of system and technique for ultrasonic inspection with the full cycle of automation

Results of acceptance tests and pilot operation of in-service ultrasonic inspection system with a full cycle of automation (System) are provided in the report. Automation concerns: settings and calibration, equipment self-tests, scanning process, tracing of acoustic contact quality, data processing, detection and determination of defects characteristics, conclusion about inspection results. The part connected to data analysis automation which allows to reduce influence of a subjective factor in case of manual decryption is of the main complexity and interest. While development software for System the experience got by SPC ECHO+ Ltd. in development of the automated monitoring systems with coherent processing of inspection data [1, 2] is used.

The basic methodical provisions for System application including the principles of the inspection schemes choosing, test blocks, sensitivity adjustment automation parameters are developed as a part of operational documentation for System.

As an example of System application the inspection technique of shell ring welded joints of steam generators PGV-1000 is developed. This technique has passed tests in 2014 with application of test blocks and with technical justification creation. Results of modeling in the wide range of the influencing factors changing are given in justification. Errors of defects sizes measurement are proved.

Rosteсhnadzor (Regulator) made the order to make expiremental-industrial operation of System and technique. It was made in 2016. In the report about industrial operation results shown results of welded joints inspection on the Kalininskaya NPP, comparison with results of the manual ultrasonic inspection, automated ultrasonic inspection with manual data analysis and automated ultrasonic inspection with automatic data analysis are shown. As a result of industrial operation was made the conclusion about possibility of System and technique application for in-service inspection on the NPP. All inspection data taking on test blocks and on real welded joints in case of modification of automation algorithm or parameters values are exposed by regressive testing which allows to be convinced of preserving indicators of purpose of inspection technique.

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