Proceedings of the conference

Arjaev A.I. Podlatov M.A. Ershov G.A. Mahanev V.O.

LBB concept as effective tool for NPP unit life cycle parameters management

RF Norms and Rules have been updated in 2014-2015 years: NP-001-15, NP-091-14, NP-096-15, NP-089-15, NP-084-15. Now there are established specific requirements for different stages of NPP Unit Life Cycle.

LBB Concept should be applied to primary circuit piping of rector facility according to item 3.3.3 of NP-001-15. Moreover, it is stated in NP-001-15 that deviations from the requirement should be justified in NPP Unit design documentation. The State Corporation “Rosatom” in 2016 has issued plan to develop set of national standards, including GOST R “NPP Piping Break Preclusion Based on Safety Concept ‘Leak-Before-Break’ ”. The 1st revision of the GOST R should be prepared to end of year 2017.

Thus clarification and updating of normative and technical basis for substantiation of structural integrity is still actual. Structural Integrity Concept includes:

- Classic LBB concept,

- Other concepts oriented on effective break preclusion for piping potentially susceptible to degradation during operation (FAC, SCC etc.).

Basic principles of Structural Integrity Concept are analyzed in the paper with emphasis on application of modern technical capabilities to ensure information about actual technical condition of main components at all stages of NPP Unit Life Cycle.

High quality of design, manufacturing and assembling of NPP equipment and piping is one of the main Structural Integrity Concept principles.

For older NPP Units more emphasis is made on comprehensive implementation of controlled operation principle (ISI, condition monitoring, maintenance etc.).

On-site application of Structural Integrity Concept gives Utility staff possibility to agree with regulator minimization or rejection of pipe-whip restraints. Another outcome from Structural Integrity Concept on-site application is minimization of operational expenses along with increase of electricity production.

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