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Since 2001 OKB "GIDROPRESS" as the General designer of VVER reactor plants for NNPs has resumed holding the Scientific and Technical Conferences "Safety Assurance of NPP with VVER". A wide range of topical problems and the interest demonstrated in their discussion resulted in the decision to hold the Conferences regularly every two years. This event is traditionally held with participation of Rosatom and IAEA representatives.

Russian and foreign specialists take part in the Conference. Thus, 284 specialists from 15 countries, representatives of 88 Russian and foreign organizations and institutions of higher education have taken part in the previous 8-th Conference.

The task of the Conference was to consider and summarize the experience accumulated in safety assurance during last years and highlight the problems requiring a solution. The results of R&D, experimental and design work presented in the previous conference papers make an important contribution to the choice and justification of engineering solutions, which ensure VVER safety within the frameworks of programmes for modernization and life-time extension of operating nuclear power plants and those under construction in Russia and other countries.

On May 19-22, 2015 OKB "GIDROPRESS" will hold the 9-th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Safety Assurance of NPP with VVER". The purpose of the Conference is to exchange information and discuss safety issues of VVER NPP operation.

  • Reliability and safety of NPP operation
  • Calculation-theoretical and experimental justification of VVER-type reactor plants
  • Verification of computer codes for safety justification
  • Reactor plant upgrading for the purpose of safety enhancement
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