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Since 2001 the scientific and technical conferences “Safety Assurance of NPP with WWER” have been renewed at FSUE EDO “GIDROPRESS”. A large scope of subject problems and the interest shown at their discussion resulted in a decision to hold the conferences regularly every two years. This Conference is traditionally held with participation of Rosatom and supported by IAEA.

Russian and foreign experts take part in the Conference. Thus, 338 specialists of 63 Russian and 22 foreign organizations participated in the previous 4th Conference, 250 reports on all aspects of design and operational safety of WWER NPPs were presented.

The tasks of the Conference were to consider and summarize the experience of safety assurance, accumulated during last years, and emphasize the actual problems, requiring a solution, which takes into account the necessity to enhance nuclear power competitiveness and safety. The results of research and development work, presented in the reports of the previous Conference, contributes to the choice and justification of engineering solutions, assuring WWER safety within the scope of programmes for upgrading and life extension of operating nuclear power plants and construction of new ones in Russia and other countries.

On 29 May - 1 June, 2007, FSUE EDO “GIDROPRESS” will hold the 5th International Conference “Safety Assurance of NPP with WWER”.

The purpose of the forthcoming Conference is to exchange information and discuss safety issues of WWER NPP operation:

  • Reliability and safety of NPP operation
  • Calculation-theoretical and experimental justification of WWER-type reactor plants
  • Verification of computer codes for safety justification
  • Reactor plant upgrading for the purpose of safety enhancement

The reports, submitted to the Organizing Committee till 25, April, 2007, are presented at the CD. The form and language of the author’s original text are preserved in the reports.

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