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About the conference

In 2005 the 4th Scientific and Technical Conference “Safety Assurance of NPP with VVER” was organized by OKB “GIDROPRESS” with support of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA and ISTC and obtained an international status. 250 topical papers on all aspects of WWER NPP design and operational safety were presented.

The results of R&D, experimental and design work presented in the conference papers make an important contribution to the choice and justification of engineering solutions, which ensure VVER safety within the frameworks of programmes for modernization and life-time extension of operating nuclear power plants and those under construction in Russia and other countries.

The purpose of the Conference is to exchange of information and discuss safety issues of VVER NPP operation.

  • Reliability and safety of NPP operation
  • Calculation-theoretical and experimental justification of VVER-type reactor plants
  • Verification of computer codes for safety justification
  • Reactor plant upgrading for the purpose of safety enhancement
  • Safety substantiation of NPP service life extension
  • Innovative reactor plants
  • Development, verification and application of CFD computer codes in nuclear engineering

The form and language of the author's original text is preserved in the reports.